Breck, Orphir

Scottish Tourist Board

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Location about a mile from Orphir parish church along tarmac surfaced roads, except only the last 200 m which is gravel. There is adequate parking on gravel at the east end of the cottage.

Environs open meadows in front, behind and to the west. The cottage is about 250 m from the shore. There is a small walled garden at the east end of the cottage which is suitable for small children to play in.

Special facilities, for toddlers - modern safety cot & high chair. Hairdryer. Coffee percolator. The phone is free for local calls. Wifi. Dogs are welcome. No smoking, please, in the cottage.

Caretaker,  Claire Smith who lives locally.  Please contact her before your arrival and she will make sure that the cottage is ready for you when you arrive, will meet you and show you all the facilities and will deal with any matters that may arise during your visit.

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